Security Systems

Security Guards

Excel is the first manpower security outsourcing company in Myanmar. Excel has been established and is being managed by a team of personnel who has vast experiences in the security field with more than 20 years services.  Preference is given employment to men and women from the security services background for the positions of security supervisors and officers.

Excel Security Service is proud to be able to bring the high quality skills and knowledge acquired by the security services to the public sector.  All men and women recruited through the company will have a considerable expertise in security industry.  We are highly versatile and efficient in evaluating the current security needs in all circumstances. We will task the best officers for the job in order to provide a complete peace of mind to our invaluable clients. 

Our current clients include:

-  Embassies, Diplomatic and Private Residences, Office complexes,
-  Industrial complexes, Warehouses, Condominiums, Hospital & Clinics,
-  Hotels, Inns & Restaurants, Shopping Malls & Super Markets,
-  Schools & Education Centres
- Conference, Music Events, Entertainment and Functions. 


Closed circuit television is an effective means of deterring theft, robbery and vandalism. Linked to our hi-tech digital recording equipment, it provides 24-hour surveillance, inside or out. Excel can advise you on exactly the right combination of cameras, recording equipment and lighting to observe and protect your property and goods and property.

Access Control

Excel access control systems offer complete flexibility. Systems range from basic voice and video entry phones, to pin-number, swipe-card, fingers  and eyes scan operated locks. If greater visibility is required, we offer PC-based systems, which can monitor movement across multiple sites.

Intruder Alarms
Excel install monitor and maintain a range of cost effective alarm systems designed to deter potential intruders. All our systems comply with the latest industry standards and can be tailored to your needs.